May 06 2011
Changing People Through Music

May 04 2011
Anthem Lights Can't Get Over You

Anthem Lights talks about the meaning behind their new song "Can't Get Over You"

Way different meaning to the song than you would first think.

May 03 2011
Hyland's New Release!

Hyland released their brand new album "Weights and Measures" TODAY!!!

We recently shared a story from Tegan, an Air1 listener, who was really touched by their song "This Love is Free".

" The message of the song spoke into my heart and I learned that God's love isn't one I have to earn. "

May 02 2011
People are talking...

What some Air1 Artist are saying/Tweeting about the death of Osama Bin Laden:


Apr 28 2011
Beckah Shae Says This is NOT Okay...

Beckah Shae shares her passion towards The A21 Campaign and the fight against human trafficking.