Oct 23 2012
Anthem Lights Covers Again

Anthem Lights just did a bunch more amazing covers! These guys can sinnnngggg! Check out some of the new covers below:


Oct 18 2012
Audio Adrenaline is BACK!


Audio Adrenaline announces the name of their new album is "Kings and Queens". Here is a peek at some of the album artwork: 

Sep 28 2012
Matthew West Hangs Out

Matthew West stopped by the Air1 morning show today to talk about his new album coming out. If you missed the interview, make sure and check it out below. Happy Friday! :) 

Sep 28 2012
Esterlyn's New Release

Esterlyn released a new worship album last week called "Woven"! They also released a new video for a song off of it, "Everyday Your Love Is New". It's an awesome video and song, so make sure to check it out below and pick up a copy of their new worship album "Woven".

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Sep 18 2012
Toby in Time

tobyMac was recently featured in a Time Magazine article for being a Christian "Superstar". There are other artists mentioned in the article, but it's mainly focused right on Toby. It's a pretty interesting article to read. You kinda get a glimpse of what non-believers see Christian music as.