Feb 27 2012
Brant's Update #2

Brant makes it to the CURE Hospital in Afghanistan and finally meets Nazare!


Feb 25 2012
Brant's Update #1

Check out Brant's first update from his trip with CURE in Afghanistan. 

Feb 14 2012
Jamie Grace At The Grammys

Jamie Grace was a nominee at the Grammys this year. Check out this interview she did while on the red carpet!

Feb 10 2012
Love Songs From Jamie Grace

With Valentine's Day coming up real fast, Jamie Grace decided to post 14 days of love songs.

Here are just a few. Hope they make your heart melt, like mine did. :)

Jan 31 2012
Can You Knit?


Want a special mission? Can you knit?

Click here to find out how you can warm a child, and be a part of Brant Hansen's upcoming trip to CURE- Afghanistan!

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