May 04 2012
Satellites & Sirens New...

Satellies & Sirens FINALLY released a music video for their popular song "Anchor"! The guys seem to be laughing a lot in it, looks like a lot of fun.  

Also, the guys are currently on tour with Wavorly and The Wedding! Here are some of the tour dates and cities below:

5/5- Greenville, IL

5/6- Alton, IL

5/7- Wyandotte, MI

5/8 Toldedo, OH

5/10- Evansville, IN

5/11- Linton, IN

5/12- Franklin, IN

5/13- Florissant, MO

6/9- Memphis, TN


Apr 27 2012
Needtobreathe On Rachael Ray

Needtobreathe was recently on The Rachael Ray Show performing their song "Keep Your Eyes Open". Here is their performance from the show:

Apr 26 2012
Help The City Harmonic

The City Harmonic is asking you to help be a part of their music video for "Mountaintop". Sounds like an awesome idea. Can't wait to see what happens with their new video!

Apr 09 2012
New Member of Superchick!

Lead singer of Superchick, Tricia and husband Nick, welcomed their baby girl, Ava Rose, on April 5th into this world! Congrats to Tricia, Nick, and family!! Momma and baby are doing amazing.

 First family picture:

Tricia and bandmate/sister Melissa with baby Ava.

Mar 19 2012
Esterlyn's New Single

Esterlyn just came out with their new single "Treasure"! Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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