Jun 16 2011




Before Shonlock's new CD "NEVERODDOREVEN" comes out next week (6/21), here's what's gone on to create it:

Jun 14 2011
1 CD, 2 Watches--Could Be Yours

New Air1 Additon, Dara Maclean ("Suitcases"), is so excited about her debut CD--You Got My Attention--that she wants to give a copy away...every week until the official release (7/12)

And to top it off, she's partnered with the organization Hello Somebody, to give not 1, but 2 watches away with each CD.

Click the picture to register!

Jun 09 2011
Help Write a Song

Music writing really is a skill, a talent. If you have it, YOU could help! Caleb from Anthem Lights is stuck and looking for ideas:

Email ideas to anthemlights@gmail.com with subject "Caleb's Song"

Jun 03 2011
Hard at Work for Cloverton


Cloverton's 5 song sample CD is out, but the official, full-length product is being recorded right now:


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Jun 01 2011
New Shonlock Vid--"Hello"

One of our Air1 additions this week is the new one from Shonlock called "Hello." Here it is with footage from the road: