Jun 21 2011
Cloverton in Kenya

The guys of Cloverton are in Kenya right now with the organization, World Hope, helping in any ways they can. Here's an update of Day 1...and some cattle:

Jun 20 2011
Travel, Hair, & Driving w/BarlowGirl

They may be taking a break in putting out new music, but BarlowGirl are always busy:

Jun 18 2011
Matt Brouwer's New Project

Matt Brouwer ("Better Days") is working on his 4th studio CD, and you could be part of it. Here's what's going on so far:

Jun 17 2011
Skillet and Four Square

As always, it's never a boring tour with Skillet.

In between playing some old-school Four Square, they crew celebrated lead singer John Cooper's Birthday the only way a rocker would...Dance Dance Revolution:

Jun 17 2011
Still Time to Win

You still have time to share that lesson your dad has taught you in life and possibly win a CD from these guys (Anthem Lights):