Aug 02 2011
Clean Water for Families NOW

One Water of Life water filter can give 60 people clean water for a lifetime, and it's only $55. Check out the grossness that Ashton grabbed that turned into life: 

Aug 02 2011
Dirty Water to Dasani

Today is Day of Life here at Air1, a chance for you to bring cleaning drinking water to whole families for LIFE!

The new Afternoon Man, Brant Hansen, has seen what a Water of Life water filter can do:

Aug 01 2011
New Dad and New Music

Here's what you'll be catching this week on Air1:


~Matt Maher "Turn Around"~

We promise, we had no clue Matt Maher would be welcoming his first little bundle of joy into the world the same time we'd be introducing his new song! Congratulations Matt and his wife Kristin!


~Press Play "Three Little Words"~

While working so hard as Music Missionaries with Gospel for Asia, Press Play was able to write, record and soon-to-release their sophomore CD "World Anthem" (Sept. 27th). This is the first single off it, but you can take a peek into some of the other tracks just by clicking here.

Jul 28 2011
Ashes Remain--Who Are They?

A new band to the Air1 family, Ashes Remain ("Everything Good") talk about forming the band & going through about 200 names to finally land on what they go by now. 

Jul 19 2011
Christmas in July

Yes, some places use "Christmas in July" as a sales gimmick for their stores. But for Matthew West, he really is getting into the holiday spirit with recording his new CD: