Jan 06 2011
New Music Playing This Week

This week, our Air1 Playlist includes an always familiar band to Air1 and a brand new addition



The guys are part of Winter Jam with their Acoustic Experience AND they're getting ready to release their new CD "Until We Have Faces" (2/1/11). Can we say BUSY?!


WakeUp Starlight--"One Step Away"

Great friends Caleb Cummings and Chris Noble began their friendship and musical bond in Alberta, Canada at a young age. For over 10 years they've been growing and pursuing God through it all.


Dec 20 2010
Josh Wilson--One Man Band?

If you like Josh Wilson's song "I Refuse," have fun watching Josh play every part in the song...at the same time!


Dec 17 2010
Brandon Heath and Your Questions!

Through the busy lives of an Air1 Artist, it's nice to see them take the time to answer the questions you might have.

Brandon Heath plans on doing just that, so get your questions out and email them to info@brandonheath.net

Here's the first of the "Brandon Heath Answers" videos--Enjoy!


Dec 14 2010
Free Matt Papa Song

During the season of spending, free things are always nice. Matt Papa has decided to share one of his new songs from the CD "Scripture Songs and Hymns 2" for FREE for the month of December.

To see how, click on the picture and enjoy!

Dec 09 2010
Dave Barnes' 12 Days of Christmas

To get into the Christmas spirit, Dave Barnes has decided to do his own little 12 Days of Christmas. Each day is a glimpse into the fun and humorous mind of Dave Barnes during this Christmas Holiday season.

The latest video is below, but you can follow along each day by clicking here.