Jan 17 2011
Passion of a Child

Sometimes it takes the Passion of an 11 year old to make us realize the Power of Christ, Our Creator:

(On a side-note, this was done at my church back in TX Smile)

Jan 14 2011
Third Day Music Video

The guys of Third Day are getting ready to hit the road once again for the Make Your Move Tour. To get you pumped-up for it, here's their video for "Lift Up Your Face":


Jan 13 2011
Free Chord Chart from Josh Wilson

To celebrate his new CD "See You" coming out in less than a month (2/8/11), Josh Wilson wants to spread the love of music around.

Right now you can pick up the chord chart to "I Refuse" for free right here.

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Jan 11 2011
The City Harmonic Music Video

"What's that song that has The Lord's Prayer in it?"--a question we've been getting in every form: Facebook, Twitter, email, phone call, telegram. Ok, maybe not the last one :)

Answer: "Manifesto" by The City Harmonic, a new add to the Air1 lineup. Check out the video for the song here:


Jan 07 2011
Matt Papa Song Every Month

Just when we thought Matt Papa was being generous for the Christmas holiday with a free song, he's spreading God's love through song EVERY month.

Each month he's giving a song away from his CD "Scripture Songs & Hymns 2," so click here to see how.