Feb 08 2011
New Music w/Coppelia and Nikki

It's New Music time...this time in video format

Click on the Pics to find out more:

Feb 05 2011
Kerrie Roberts Gives Us a Peek

During any good music tour, TONS of things go on in 1 day. Here's just a very small taste of Winter Blast, through the eyes of Kerrie Roberts:


Feb 04 2011
VIDEO: "Shelter" Explained

A couple of months ago, Air1 Coppelia posted a video from Jars of Clay describing their latest CD "The Shelter."

Now, here's lead singer Dan Haseltine unfolding the thought behind our new Air1 addition, "Shelter":


Jan 24 2011
"No Plan B" Music Video

Check out the music video for the new Air1 add, Manafest's "No Plan B"

Jan 19 2011
Forgiveness and Chris August

It's never easy to forgive anything or anyone who has hurt us in some way. Chris August is no stranger to the struggle of forgiveness, and his new music video, 7x70, talks about it.

Check out the video below and even share your story of forgiveness as Chris has here