Feb 17 2011
RED Performs on Jay Leno

After an awesome moment on Conan last week, RED was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.

If you missed it for some reason, here's the full episode--just skip to the last little section to catch the clip:

Feb 16 2011
Josh Wilson on a Mission

Every musician has their own way of promoting a new CD...here's Josh Wilson's way:

Feb 15 2011
Video: New Music with Nikki

Nikki at Night here talking New Music for this week--A new one from Chris August, plus a new artist, Luminate:


Feb 14 2011
Balumtine'th Day With Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes has some love song ideas for, uhm, Balumtine'th Day next year:


Feb 11 2011
Jessa Anderson Download

One of our new Air1 Artists, Jessa Anderson, is a wife, a mother, and a talented lady! Sean and Mandy had a chance to talk with her earlier this week, which you can find the interview right here.

And as a bonus, if you're enjoying her song "Not What I Thought," she's made the chord chart available for you to download. Click on the picture to pick it up now!