Feb 23 2011
Road Warriors Clip w/Third Day

As always, if DVR isn't something you own, we hope to help! Here's Third Day on the CNN/HLN "Road Warriors" special:



Feb 23 2011
Video: If Your Missed Anberlin...

...on Leno last night, here's the full episode--Anberlin's performance is during the last little segment.


Feb 21 2011
Video: New Music with Coppelia

It's new music time, so here's your favorite Midday DJ Coppelia chatting about the new one from a new band Anthem Lights:


Feb 19 2011
Cooking With Chris

We know him as a talented musician, a great story teller, a Dove Award nominee, and a lover of candy. Didn't know Chris August was also a chef:


Feb 18 2011
GMA Dove Award Nominees

Once again, it's that time of the year where Christian musicians get a nod for the hard work and the soul behind the music they put out--GMA Dove Awards Time!! 

The nominees were announced Wednesday, but click here or on the picture to check out the complete list.