Sep 20 2011
For King & Country Stop By

They're a new addition to the Air1 family, but the brothers of For King & Country (Joel and Luke) are not new to the music game at all (hint hint, they have a famous singer as a sister)!

The band stopped by to talk to the Afternoon Man, Brant Hansen, about family, music, and their new song "Busted Heart":

Sep 19 2011
"Sing Off" features Rachael Lampa and The Collective

If you missed Air1's Brant Hansen interview Rachael Lampa ("Remedy"), it's ok--we have it! Everything from married life, the thought behind "Remedy," and listener's questions, Rachael covered:

Plus, she chatted a little bit about her group The Collective and her experience on NBC's "The Sing-Off." 

Find out more information about "The Sing-Off" at its website,


Rachael Lampa sings 'The Remedy'

Rachael Lampa talks about her experience on 'Sing Off' and her group 'The Collective'

Rachel Lampa's husband accompanies her in 'The Remedy'

Sep 06 2011
Anthem Lights to the EXTREME

This may just put you in a positive alternative! Thanks Afternoon man Brant and Anthem Lights!


Also, check out Anthem Lights' live performance of "I Wanna Know You Like That"

Aug 31 2011
If You Missed Plumb...

...Or Dan Haseltine (Jars of Clay), here are the interviews with our Awesome Afternoon Man Brant.

Dan Haseltine on "Drifting"



Plumb talks about the influence for "Drifting"


Aug 30 2011
Plumb (ft. Dan Haseltine): "Drifting"

She's Back! Plumb get's help from friend Dan Haseltine (Jars of Clay) on her new song "Drifting".

If you missed the WORLD PREMIERE earlier, here's the ear-candy. Let us know what you think!