Mar 09 2011
FM Static Car Freshener?

New CD's come out every week, and most can be pre-ordered before the mad rush at the store. Tis true for FM Static's new CD, "My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go" (4/5/11).

Our own Ashton brought to our attention that those who pre-order the CD get a free car freshener!

So now, the guessing game is on--what would an FM Static Car Freshener smell like? I'm thinking cotton and styling gel. Any other guesses? Let the guys know on Twitter/Facebook

Mar 07 2011
Free Pictures!!

Do we have your attention now? Laughing If you plan on going to the Make Your Move concert w/Tenth Anvenue North and Third Day, you could have a chance to shake hands AND takes photos with the guys.

At select cities on the tour, before the concert starts, the bands will be hosting "Photo Booth" Meet & Greets, and it's all FREE (please no shoving).

Click on the picture to find out more and thanks to Ashton for passing the word along!

Mar 07 2011
Hyland's Gear GONE!

If it's not members of a band saying their farewells, it seems like gear is getting stolen. That's the case for new Air1 addition Hyland.

Just this weeked, the guys had not only their merchandise, but their whole trailer and livelihood taken...from the church parking lot of all places!! Here's a little of what lead singer Jon Lewis had to say on the loss:

"So here I sit, the day after, wondering what the next step is. I just got done doing a radio interview Thursday evening about how God’s power is made perfect in weakness.  Can I still lean on that realization after something like this??"

You can check out the entire story (and see how you may help) by clicking here. And if you can, send a little prayer these guys way!

Mar 07 2011
Video: New Music with Skillet

For this weeks New Music video, we've decided to step back and let John Cooper from Skillet explain the song "Lucy" (heads-up, abortion is discussed).


Mar 05 2011
What's "One Step Away" About?

A song can be just a song, or it can be an array of thoughts strung together with beautiful notes and chords. For Caleb fron WakeUp Starlight, he wanted to express what goes into songs the duo create:



"The lyrics of Wakeup Starlight you will often find, play out like a prayer as almost all of our songs indeed are. Often disjointed and jumping from thought to thought, I have found every time i come to God in prayer i am still in awe about who i am talking to, so choosing the words to express to Him is still often hard for me to do."

You can check out the whole story behind "One Step Away" by clicking right here.