Apr 20 2011
The Song that Was Saved

Sometimes great songs are put in the back pocket for awhile, and that's what happened with Hyland's song "This Love is Free."

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Apr 19 2011
Royal Tailor Knows We ALL Hurt

Hurt happens to everyone, and new Air1 addition, Royal Tailor, knows that. Here's lead singer, Tauren Wells, discussing that thought in their new song "Hold Me Together":


Apr 18 2011
Addison Road in Space!

Well, techincally the Band isn't in space, but their music was.

Recently, Addison Road reported their CD "Stories" (which features the new Air1 addition "Don't Wait") was taken up on the final mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery! It traveled for 12 days, making 202 orbits around the world (or just a small 5,304,140 miles)












Here on earth, the actual band is doing a couple of concert stops here and there. Click here to see where they're heading (maybe your way).

Apr 18 2011
New Music's Look on Redemption

We're featuring a new song this week from Sanctus Real, "The Redeemer," & Coppelia (w/special DJ guest, Mike) talk about how they've been redeemed by God:


Apr 14 2011
A Struggle With Perfection...

You've heard the Air1 Behind the Music of Luminate's "Healing in Your Arms". Here's Samuel Hancock going a little deeper: