May 14 2011
Missed the Party?


Anthem Lights had their CD release party earlier this week, but if you missed it, here you go:



Watch live streaming video from plglive at

May 13 2011
Cloverton Sneak Peek

To help support their trip to Kenya, Cloverton is doing a couple of House Shows & introducing new this:


And you can still pick-up their song "Take Me Into the Beautiful" for free

May 12 2011
"Outcast" Music Video

After much patience, here's Kerrie Robert's music video for "Outcast"... Finally! :)

May 01 2011
To Not Be Quiet

To ring in their new CD, Anthem Lights will feature a "Behind the Track" video every day until release date (5/10). First up--"Can't Shut Up."


May 01 2011
Stars Go Dim on MTV!

Well, mtvU to be exact (but still, it's part of MTV!) This whole week, Stars Go Dim's music video for "Like I Mean It" will be featured on a show on mtvU called "The Freshman."

The show takes 5 newcomer music videos and has the viewers vote on which one stays on the air and in regular play past Friday. Starting Monday, you can vote on the music video right here. 

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