May 21 2011
1 Weekend, 1 CD, 1 Person Wins

Not everyone has the cash flow to buy new CDs always, but winning one--nice! That's what Anthem Lights is offering:

May 20 2011
Official Music Video-"Hold Me"

We've seen the live performance, & now here's the Official Music Video for Jamie Grace's "Hold Me," feat. TobyMac:

May 18 2011
Piece by Piece a Song Revealed

It's not every day you catch a glimpse of the musicians work in progress on a new song.

And that's why Owl City wanted to take a walk away from the usual, revealing the song, piece by piece, every day this week.

So far, drums, bass & guitar tracks are up for you to listen to, enjoy & share.

May 17 2011
Story Behind "Suitcases"

From a sermon her father gave, new Air1 addition Dara Maclean was inspired to write her song "Suitcases":

May 14 2011
Abandon's Music--Free

Not all music is free, but for the rest of this week, you can grab Abandon's latest single "Feel it in Your Heart" for FREE.

It's one of iTunes' Discovery Downloads, which you can follow here to get! And don't worry, if you don't have a Mac, you can still download iTunes for free on any PC.



Here are the guys with our Air1 contest winner/family member, Charles-Tee, chillin' on the River Walk in San Antonio, TX :)

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