May 03 2013
Thank You, No Day Wasted

I sat amidst the piles of confetti and noisemakers today...taking a moment to reflect on the past 10 days. 

This season of my life has been all about "no day wasted"...a conscious effort to make every day matter. I couldn't help but think that the last few days have been lived to the absolute fullest. You did not let one day pass took every opportunity  to get involved and support Air1, more importantly, support the people that listen to Air1. 

Thank you…that is what is in my heart today....a feeling of overwhelming gratitude and thankfulness for believing in Air1 enough to make room for it in your budget...we realize and respect that every gift is a sacrifice. 

I heard from a listener the other day that said , "I wish I could put into words how much of a difference Air1 has made in my life." I told her, "you don't have to...I can hear it in your voice." I hope you can hear through this note how thankful we are to have you in our hear your hear how God is working in your life - much the same way that he is working in ours. 

Thank you again for your support - for joining together with the common goal of supporting a station that God is using to bring people to Him. The confetti and the noisemakers will soon be put away...but the impact of the gift you made during the Air1 pledge drive will carry on for months and years to come...that's pretty sweet. ;) 

- Mandy

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Oct 04 2010
Leaving A Legacy

Whose legacy has made the biggest impact on your life?

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Sep 30 2010

In your daily life, how often do you spend a dollar here, a dollar there on things? 

A soda from the vending machine
A bag of chips
A song download on iTunes
Coffee from your favorite coffee shop
Introducing people to God's Love

What?  Introducing people to God's Love.  Yes! By giving just $1 a day to Air 1, YOU can be part of something awesome - introducing people, like Sarah, to God's Love!
Sarah struggled with following the Lord for a very long time.  She found Air 1 on her radio and after listening to the songs, decided that she wanted to know this "God of love" that the songs were about.  Sarah gave her heart to God 2 years ago.

Talk about a warm and fuzzie!  YOU can be part of introducing people to the awesome love of God for just $1.00 a day!!!

Think about it!  These guys did: 

Melissa from Midland-Odessa TX
Richard from Sacramento CA
Selam from Edmond OK
Penny from Augusta GA
Travis from Loveland OK
Kristal from Fort Smith AR


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