Mar 24 2013
Building 429 in Newtown CT


"We Believe in a God who is big enough to heal the biggest wounds" ~Building 429

We just started playing this song on Air1.  Based on Psalm 62 "We won't be Shaken" is a great reminder that Jesus is our solid rock.  This is some amateur video of Building 429 singing "We Won't be Shaken" at A Night of Hope & Healing (in the midst of the Sandy Hook tragedy) with Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin, Toby Mac, Casting Crowns, Mandisa, Building 429, Laura Story, speakers Louie Giglio, Max Lucado & Mary Beth Chapman at Webster Bank Arena, Bridgeport, CT on 1/15/13.  I thought you might enjoy this speech given by Building 429 to bring Hope to the families of Newtown….

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Mar 22 2013
Colton Dixon Duet with Sister



Colton Dixon was on The 700 Club the other night performing "You Are" with his sister Schyler.  They sound BEAUTIFUL together!!  You can watch the entire interview here.


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Mar 22 2013
"Heal This Home" God In Marriage

A woman called my show after hearing this song.  She is struggling in her marriage and on the verge of divorce.  Her and her husband used to serve together at thier church, he was in a Christian rock band, they loved the Lord, and raised 3 beautiful children.  So what happened???

Today, he has lost his faith in the Lord, he gets angry a lot, she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and has come close to committing suicide.  Their marriage is falling apart, but she doesn't want to give up.  She is putting all her trust in GOD to "heal this home" because she knows HE has the love and power to answer her prayers to mend her marriage.

I asked her "What if he doesn't answer your prayers in the way you think or expect?" She told me she knows and believes with all her heart and soul that no matter the outcome, either way, God is in it and He works all for good, until then she says "I am not giving up."


If you are married, what are your "secrets" to a healthy successful marriage?                                                                                                                                        

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Mar 20 2013
"WORN" Why GOD? Do you not love me?



Sometimes things happen in life that make us ask GOD .. WHY??  Why are you letting this happen to me?  Aren't I faithful?  Don't you LOVE me? I thought you could do anything?  Then why are you doing this?

This is where I believe, no matter how hard it is and how much it hurts,  this is where our FAITH kicks in and we have to TRUST somehow that GOD has good in this mess somewhere.  HE PROMISES US THAT in THE WORD right?  

Our PLAN may not be the same as HIS, and we may never be able to COMPREHEND why or how, but we have to have FAITH that HE IS WORKING ALL FOR OUR GOOD.  



Jerry Johnson is a brave young high schooler from Cleveland, Tennessee.  He is on the Wrestling Team for Bradley High School. He suffered an injury and called me yesterday asking for PRAYERS because he was devastated that he may not be able to wrestle his Senior Year. Wrestling is what brought him closer to GOD and he is confused, hurt, scared.  

Jerry wasn't close to GOD in Middle School because he was bullied for being 350 pounds.  He was unhealthy and unhappy.  Until his coach taught him about GOD and the BIBLE, and brought him into the world of wrestling. For the first time, Jerry feels important, he feels like he is LOVED BY GOD, he is HEALTHY, he has a sense of family with his coach and wrestling, and it's all because his coach believed in him and taught him about GOD.

Wrestling keeps Jerry close to GOD and confident.  You can understand now why Jerry is confused about his injury. Please keep Jerry in your prayers.

I shared with Jerry this story that Mike Donehey told about the song "WORN" in his video journal.  I hope when you watch the video below, you are inspired that no matter what happens and no matter how HOPELESS things may seem, GOD has a BEAUTIFUL PLAN for YOU, even if it is not what you planned….



Have you experienced this in your life? How does this song "WORN" relate to you?  How has GOD changed your life in ways that you didn't expect?



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Mar 18 2013
Kevin Max talks new AUDIO A Album

Audio A's  debut album released on March 12 

"We're extremely proud of it, we were pretty strategic in trying to come up with songs that people would recognize as [representing] some of the older ideas and balancing those with the modern ideas. It's a juggling act really.

"We wanted to kind of evoke the feeling of the past still with the future. When Mark Stuart and I started writing the songs that was always in our minds, so you've got songs like 'He Moves, You Move,' 'King of the Comebacks' and 'Seeker.' With all of those we tried to come up with something really that felt like the past, but obviously with me singing it, it's completely different."
  ~Kevin Max tells Deborah Evans-Price (Billboard)

"The Hands and Feet Project continued to get bigger and bigger even in the absence of Audio A, so we felt like this was definitely a God send. We have two different orphanages that need help that we could basically use the platform of Audio Adrenaline to propel the Hands and Feet project so we can care for more kids."  ~Mark Stuart tells Billboard

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