Jul 03 2011
Video: An Inspirational Reunion

As a musician, Jeremy Camp get's to meet so many people each day. There was 1 man though that changed both lives 9 yrs ago:

Jun 21 2011
Cloverton in Kenya

The guys of Cloverton are in Kenya right now with the organization, World Hope, helping in any ways they can. Here's an update of Day 1...and some cattle:

Jun 20 2011
Travel, Hair, & Driving w/BarlowGirl

They may be taking a break in putting out new music, but BarlowGirl are always busy:

Jun 16 2011




Before Shonlock's new CD "NEVERODDOREVEN" comes out next week (6/21), here's what's gone on to create it:

Jun 01 2011
New Shonlock Vid--"Hello"

One of our Air1 additions this week is the new one from Shonlock called "Hello." Here it is with footage from the road: