Aug 08 2011
Chris August Breaks It Down

Oh how great techonlogy can be nowadays!

Chris August takes one song, originally done by Gavin DeGraw, and breaks it down to every instrument...and then rebuilds it to create a unique cover:

Aug 07 2011
"Remedy" Live Performance



From the studio, Rachael Lampa decided to sit down and do an acoustic version of her latest single "Remedy":



Jul 28 2011
Ashes Remain--Who Are They?

A new band to the Air1 family, Ashes Remain ("Everything Good") talk about forming the band & going through about 200 names to finally land on what they go by now. 

Jul 15 2011
Behind RED's New Video

Tons of people were on hand with the making of RED's video "Lie To Me," including one of our very own (stop at 2:51 or you may miss Ashton in the sunglasses):

Jul 09 2011
Newsboys in the Studio

They may be coming to a summer festival your way, but the Newsboys aren't stopping with recording a new CD.