May 28 2009
The Wrecking / P.O.D. connection

So, what's the connection? Mark "Traa" Daniels, one of the founding members of P.O.D., just signed a new management agreement with The Wrecking. Traa experienced the mega growth of P.O.D., going from selling almost 40,000 copies of their first album, to nine million albums sold to date, movie soundtracks, and worldwide tours. So he'll know just what to do to help The Wrecking get to the next level. Traa works with Ryot Entertainment, and he'll be able to help the guys from Maine production, management, grass roots promotions, touring and lots more! I can't wait to see what's next for them! 
And you know what, we don't really have to wait that long to see what's next for The Wrecking! June 2nd they're releasing a Special Edition Digital version of their debut album "A New Abolition". It will include the eleven original songs, plus three live versions AND (I'm really excited about this part) two covers of "Lost" by Coldplay and "Get On Your Boots" by U2The Wrecking ROCKS!
In case you hadn't seen their version of U2's "Get On Your Boots", check it out. It was recently named one of the top 50 music videos on You Tube!

Apr 07 2009
The Wrecking's love affair

You know that feeling when you find out someone has a crush on you, and you like them, too?  It's the coolest feeling ever!  Well, that's how Air 1 feels about The Wrecking.  They declared their feelings on their website by stating, "we LOVE Air 1"...and we can't help but say "we LOVE The Wrecking, too!"  Ah, love.  

If you haven't discovered The Wrecking yet, check out their website.  You can also hear them on Air 1.  Their latest hit, "You remain" is one of the top Air 1 Hits this week. 

By the way, they did a cover of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" and the video is up on Youtube.  If you ask me, it ROCKS.  But I already liked that song (remember the movie, "Say Anything"?  The scene with John Cusak holding up the radio?  Yeah, that's the song.)