Apr 17 2013
Josh Havens Talks About The Afters New Album

The Afters released their highly anticipated new album, Life Is Beautiful on Tuesday, April 16th. The record preceeds some times of trials for lead singer Josh Haven, as he experienced some perosnal heartache with the birth of his son."When we were making this record, my wife was pregnant with our youngest child.  When he was born, there were some unexpected complications," Josh explains. "He actually came out completely blue and they had to rush him away to NICU and spend quite a while there which was totally unexpected.  I had never spent a whole lot of time in the hospital before that, but being in NICU with my son I saw lots of other parents there who were really in a dark place.  There were parents there who had kids who were way worse off then my son, parents who knew they would probably never take their kids home.  I just remember praying in the hospital, I started praying something that I still pray through every struggle, I started praying that God would turn my trials into testimony.  I do believe that He does that and He gave us an awesome testimony through this. Ultimately our son ended up improving and we were finally able to bring him home.  He is now a one year old with more energy then a one year old should ever have. We are very blessed."


Comprised of Josh Haven (lead vocals/keys/guitar), Matt Fuqua (vocals/guitars), Dan Ostebo (bass) and Jordan Mohilowski (drums), the album is a step-up from their previous work, but stays true to The Afters sound. "You know I think as a band you are always trying to grow and improve.  We take a while to do our records and we really do challenge ourselves to improve songs and to really take the time with them to get things right.  Hopefully our fans will think it makes a difference," John laughs. "Sonically, I think there are some things that are different then our previous records.  We try things we haven't tried before.  Vocally, I will try to stretch myself in different places, maybe try different melodies that maybe I wouldn't have done in the past just for the challenge.  An analogy would be, you have a sweet car thats like a 64 Mustang and every few years they release a new body style.  There will always be those classic elements that you first fell in love with, but there are some new elements too.  I think a band is like that in some way.  There are definitely elements of classic Afters in there, but lots of new things too." 


Josh also shared that the band will be going on the road this fall, with some famous friends. "We are planning a really fun fall tour with our friends Building 429.  Jason (singer of Building 429) and I have been talking about doing a tour together for years, so we are finally doing it," he said. "We are going to have Hawk Nelson come along with us, they are great friends and will be a great addition to the tour too.  So it's going to be an awesome line up." 



Nov 28 2012
The Afters Play For Troops

The Afters spent the week prior to Thanksgiving, showing gratitude to our troops by performing a live show. The band took a break from their European tour and headied to Ali Al Salem Air force base in Kuwait, which is near the border of Iraq. This base played a key role in the success of the gulf war.

“It was a huge honor to spend time with the great men and women serving our country there. Many of them have been there for 5 or more months, sacrificing precious time away from their families to help insure our freedom and safety,” said lead singer Josh Havens. “Our hope was to encourage them and thank them for the great sacrifices that they make. It was a very special time that we will always remember and be grateful for. During the show, the soldiers sang along, danced, and worshipped with us.”

He continues, “We give thanks for all of the brave men and women serving our great country! Please join us in praying for them and their families…for their safety and that God continues to give them strength and unity!”

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Feb 27 2012
The Afters Play For Troops

The Afters play a show for the troops and their families at Davis-Monthan Airforce base in Tucson tonight! Check out this picture from earlier today with some of the troops.

Jun 26 2010
COMING SOON from The Afters!

Did you hear the new song by The Afters, "Light up the sky"? I'm loving it!

It's officially coming out July 13th on iTunes. And the new album comes out September 14th.

In the meantime, you can check out the new song...

...and listen to it on Air 1, starting Monday! Woo!

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