Sep 09 2009
VIDEO: Skillet "Monster"

We've had a lot of requests for this one, so I thought why not post the video? Enjoy!

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Aug 26 2009
How Air 1 artists do ... DATE NIGHT!

I LOVE this!! Joe from Seventh Day Slumber and Korey from Skillet shared via Twitter what they did for Date Night this week:

My wife Lori is so beautiful! We are having a great dinner at Olive Garden!! Wow I'm really married to this woman!!!!!!! Joe My hot hubby takin me2placido domingo and yoyo ma concert. Too bad ladies,he's mine:) Oops here he is...

And I have to say, wow, I never thought a Coopers' date night included classical music. Cool! :) 

Apr 17 2009
FM Static #1 on Air 1


FM Static's latest single, "Take me as I am" is #1 on Air 1 this week.  Their latest album, Dear Diary, is the first concept album that lead singer Trevor McNevan ever worked on.  He said it was a ton of fun to put together a whole album where every song is about the "innermost thoughts of a soul-searching teenager".  What's even cooler, he said the inspiration for the album struck him while he was on tour with Skillet last year.  So, if you're loving "Take Me As I Am", check out this video for another song from the album, "Boy Moves to a New Town With Optimistic Outlook".