Mar 04 2014
Skillet Acoustic Performance

Watch Skillet perform an amazing acoustic version of their song "Sick Of It" from the album RiseAmazon | iTunes ) 



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Skillet Bio:

After nearly two decades of making music, Skillet is still going strong with their latest “Sick Of It,” of the album Rise (June 21, 2013). With Rise, the band continues to produce songs that can appeal to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

“We try and be a band that any age can appreciate," says lead singer John Cooper. “There are no strippers on stage at our shows and we watch what we say onstage - it's important to us that we deliver a great rock show, with production values and songs we're proud of, but that we also deliver something that everyone can enjoy - everyone. There's a lot of negative things in the world today, a lot of ugliness and so we look at our music as a chance to put something positive out there. Not to preach to fans, but rather to just balance things a little with music that has some positive meaning and values.”

After the bands Seraph and Urgent Cry parted ways in the early 90’s John Cooper- former vocalist of Seraph, and Ken Steorts- former guitarist for Urgent City, formed their own band as a side-project after meeting each other through touring. Melding their two different styles of rock together, the guys called the band Skillet and in 1998 released their self-titled album.

The next few years consisted of lots band changes and many successful songs including: “The Older I Get,” “Open Wounds,” “Yours To Hold,” “Rebirthing,” and “Comatose,” Over the years, the band has developed a cult-like following with some of their fans even referring to themselves as “Panheads.”

Skillet, (which now consists of John Cooper, Korey Cooper, Seth Morrison, and Jen Ledger) released the album Awake in August of 2009, which featured the hit songs, “Hero,” and “Monster.” The record was a step up for the band personally and creatively, “It’s a turning of the page for us because this album is even more immediate than Comatose but there’s also a noticeable maturity,” John says. “Some of the songs are complex, others are just really intense rockers and overall there’s a real sense that we’re opening a new chapter.”

Skillet is currently gearing up to hit the road this Spring with TobyMac and LeCrae for the exclusive Summer Shed Tour begining March 1, 2014.


Official Music Video for "Sick Of It"



Aug 01 2012
Help Satellites & Sirens

Satellites & Sirens recently released a cover of Skillet's song "Awake and Alive". We've played it a couple times during our Mixology Live show and so many listeners have asked us about it. you can get the cover for free BUT...they need your help. They need 300 "likes" on their YouTube video in order to release it to you guys. Help them out if you can. 

Jul 26 2011
Skillet: Tatts, Shreds and Beards.

Skillet gets tattooed and John Cooper shaves his beard finally! How do you feel about the beard? With or Without?

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Jun 17 2011
Skillet and Four Square

As always, it's never a boring tour with Skillet.

In between playing some old-school Four Square, they crew celebrated lead singer John Cooper's Birthday the only way a rocker would...Dance Dance Revolution:

Apr 14 2011
TobyMac + Skillet's John Cooper do Tonight!

Check out the OFFICIAL video for this song!

TobyMac - Tonight (Official Music Video) by EMI_Music