Jun 22 2011
Royal Tailor Showing You Some Moves

 Royal Tailor was recently in the studio, giving Coppelia some dance lessons.

Maybe you can learn some of the moves as well.

Jun 08 2011
Royal Tailor Explains

Royal Tailor explains the meaning behind their song "Hold me Together". This video makes me want to try and do a pottery class. Just saying...

Jun 01 2011
Royal Tailor Makes a Move

Royal Tailor just released a video for their new song "Make a Move". Some pretty sweet dance moves in the video! Makes me want to move my feet!

May 19 2011
Fans 4 Life!

Apparently the band Royal Tailor is a big fan of Mandisa! haha! Awesome seeing artists supporting other artists!

May 16 2011
Royal Tailor Playing a Local Diner...

Well, In their brand new music video for "Hold Me Together" they do.