Aug 14 2013
New Music from Royal Tailor

 "We like to get down, that's how we roll. If you ever spend any time with the four of us, you will be dancing. If it's the Electric Slide, the dougie, free-styling or whatever, at some point we're going to turn up the music, and we're going to have a good time. That's just who we are." ~ Royal Tailor

We just started playing their new song "Remain" Here's the lyric video, enjoy!!  Let us know what you think of the new song!  Tweet @air1radio and @royaltailor 

Jul 28 2011
Royal Tailor Preview

Royal Tailor gives you a preview of their live performance and a song from their latest album "Black & White", which is out now!

Jul 08 2011
Royal Tailor's Dance Lesson

A couple weeks ago we posted a video of Royal Tailor showing one of our DJs how to do the "Uh-Oh" dance. Royal Tailor recently posted another video of them showing you, in more detail, how to do the "Uh-Oh" Dance. Hope you can follow along! They do some tricky moves! Haha.

Jul 05 2011
Jamie Grace and Royal Tailor Mash-Up

Jamie Grace and Royal Tailor join to sing this lovely mix. And by lovely, I mean crazy.  

Jun 23 2011
Royal Tailor "Hold Me Together" Live

Royal Tailor recently played their song "Hold Me Together" while visiting the Air1 Studio. Here is the live performance of their song.