Jun 08 2009
VIDEO: Press Play on NBC's Today Show

Air 1 artist Press Play performed their hit "Life is Beautiful" on NBC's Today Show this morning. Here's the video, in case you missed it!


Jun 08 2009
VIDEO: Sinbad/Press Play on the Today Show

Comedian Sinbad was on NBC's Today Show this morning to talk about Air 1 artist, Press Play! Sinbad's daughter, Paige, is in the band and you can tell Daddy's really proud of his baby girl! It's obvious talent runs in the family!
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May 19 2009
Press Play on Fox and NBC!


Press Play is one of the coolest bands you'll hear on Air 1. Their debut single "Life is Beautiful" is one of the top ten Air 1 Hits.

In case you're not familiar with Press Play, the band is made up of like 100 people (ok, it's more like 10 people who are a part of the Press Play reality web series) but that's still a big group! And they're the worship band at their huge church, Angelus Temple, in Los Angeles, CA.

They have their own reality show-type web series you can check out

And you can also catch Press Play performing live on Fox Television's show The Strategy Room TOMORROW, May 20th, between 4:40-5:00pm EST.

Also watch for them on NBC's The Today Show June 8th. Press Play will perform and comedian Sinbad will talk about the Dream Center (and how all 3 are connected!)

Busy band, huh?!

Apr 24 2009
This is Press Play...the reality show!

Did you know that the band Press Play has their own reality show?  They take you with them backstage, on the road, to TV studios in Chicago, on the subway to the Dream Center in New York, eating steak in Times Square...I love Press Play!  Click on the video below to hear their Air 1 Hit "Life is Beautiful" and check out a sneak peek at their web reality show.  Fun stuff!  By the way, I dare you to try the "secret Press Play handshake" they do in the video.  :)  

The Tour from Press Play on Vimeo.

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