Jul 01 2009
The Wrecking on their "Twilight song"

In case you hadn't heard, one of the top Air 1 bands, The Wrecking, has a song that is being considered for the soundtrack to the "Twilight" movie sequel, "New Moon". Some people have been wondering about that ... why would a Christian band write a song for a vampire movie? The truth is, the song wasn't written for or about the movie! If you want the whole scoop, and the "Twilight" twist, check out what Douglas from The Wrecking shared.

Jun 16 2009
The Wrecking on New Moon?!

How cool would that be--that a song by The Wrecking shows up on the soundtrack for the next "Twilight" movie, "New Moon"? They need 10,000 votes to make it happen. Check out this montage of "Twilight" pics with The Wrecking's "Our Feet Don't Touch the Ground" and if you want to vote, check out the site they set up especially for this: The Twilight Song.