May 01 2009
More free stuff from ... Lanae Hale!


Wanna know how to get the new Lanae Hale album FREE? Here's the deal: for the album debut week only, May 19th through the 23rd, visit one of almost 600 participating Christian Bookstores, buy ANY album from ANY other artist, and you can claim your free Lanae Hale album. Side note: I recently visited a local Christian bookstore and tried to haggle a CD price that I had seen at a Target store for less. Turns out, the CD was on sale, so I got it cheaper at the bookstore! I love good deals!

And if you're asking, who's Lanae Hale?  You may have heard her music on MTV's The Hills. And her debut single "Back and Forth" is one of the Air 1 Hits this week. But this video will help you get to know her better ... and she has one AWESOME God story to share with you!


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