Jun 29 2009
FM Static holds #1 spot!

FM Static still has the #1 Air 1 hit this week "Take Me As I Am". That makes it #1 for 6 weeks in a row! Just in case you love that song, but you're ready for some new FM Static action, check out this video of "Boy Moves to A New Town with an Optimistic Outlook", from the same album "Dear Diary".


Boy Moves To A New Town With Optimistic Outlook by FM Static
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Apr 28 2009
Rockers on the Rise

FM Static made iTunes' list of "rockers on the rise".  Their latest single "Take Me As I Am" has been the #1 Air 1 Hit for the last two weeks.  Plus, their latest album, "Dear Diary" made it to the Top 5 Rock Chart and Top 30 overall album chart on iTunes, and they made the Billboard 200 (which is a pretty big deal for artists ... remember that Tom Hanks movie "That Thing You Do"?  Yeah, artists get excited when their songs hit the "lists"!)  

So FM Static are officially "Rockers on the rise".  Who else do you think deserves to be on the "Rockers on the Rise" list?  


Apr 17 2009
FM Static #1 on Air 1


FM Static's latest single, "Take me as I am" is #1 on Air 1 this week.  Their latest album, Dear Diary, is the first concept album that lead singer Trevor McNevan ever worked on.  He said it was a ton of fun to put together a whole album where every song is about the "innermost thoughts of a soul-searching teenager".  What's even cooler, he said the inspiration for the album struck him while he was on tour with Skillet last year.  So, if you're loving "Take Me As I Am", check out this video for another song from the album, "Boy Moves to a New Town With Optimistic Outlook".