Sep 19 2011
Family Force 5 Pre-Order!

You can now pre-order Family Force 5's new album "lll"! Order your copy because the album drops on October 18th!

Aug 12 2011
FF5 Fun...& Awkwardness

The fun, awkwardness, & some seriousness ensued when FF5 (Family Force 5) dropped by...including a CUBICLE PARTY!

Dec 16 2010
Family Force 5 "Bulletproof" cover!

These guys are CRAZY!! You probably knew that already, but Family Force 5 recorded a cover of the song "Bulletproof". I kinda like it better than the original!


You can also click on the Christmas Pageant album cover to preview their holiday offerings. :)




Jun 17 2009
Everyday Sunday's #3 on iTunes!

Everyday Sunday just released their new album, Best Night of Our Lives, and it's already #3 on the iTunes Christian album chart! Have you heard the new single AND the "Soul Glow Activator remix" by Family Force 5 (who, by the way, are making a CHRISTMAS album!!) If not, head over to their myspace page and blast it LOUD!