Jul 02 2009
Everyday Sunday for $5!!

I just found out that you can download the new Everyday Sunday album "Best Night of Our Lives" for $5 on amazon.com!!  Thought I'd pass it along! :) 

Jun 17 2009
Everyday Sunday's #3 on iTunes!

Everyday Sunday just released their new album, Best Night of Our Lives, and it's already #3 on the iTunes Christian album chart! Have you heard the new single AND the "Soul Glow Activator remix" by Family Force 5 (who, by the way, are making a CHRISTMAS album!!) If not, head over to their myspace page and blast it LOUD!


May 03 2009
More free stuff from ... Everyday Sunday!

*gasp!* I love Everyday Sunday! I love their new album cover! And they're giving away their new single "Best Night of Our Lives" FREE! It's a great thing they miraculously survived that car accident a few months ago, cuz it sounds like this new music is going to require some serious cardio at their upcoming shows!