Jun 20 2011
Travel, Hair, & Driving w/BarlowGirl

They may be taking a break in putting out new music, but BarlowGirl are always busy:

Nov 19 2010
VIDEO Update from BarlowGirl

The BarlowGirls, Lauren, Alyssa and Becca, are excited about the Acoustic Winter's Night Christmas tour they're doing this year.

They also recently released "Our Journey So Far," with some of the best songs they've done throughout their musical career.

Click on the video to hear them share their hearts about music, their love for God...and more!


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Aug 05 2009
NEW VIDEO Premiere: BarlowGirl "Beautiful Ending"

Yeah! BarlowGirl showed up on Yahoo! Music with this video premiere of their latest Air 1 hit, "Beautiful Ending". And good news for Barlow Fans--their new album, Love and War is not coming out September 22nd--it's coming out early, September 8th!

Enjoy the video!