Jun 23 2010
NEW Music out this week!

Air 1 bands Addison Road and Revive both released new albums this week!

For Addison Road, it's been 2 years in the making and they are SUPER excited about "Stories".


The Revive guys are blown away that their new album "Blink" debuted at #7 on iTunes!

Not bad, guys, but Addison Road is #2 on iTunes. Try to catch up! ;)

Jun 03 2010
FREE Addison Road song!

Addison Road has a FREE song for you! Wanna get it?

You can check it out, plus watch a video update of all the band has survived recently (you know, their RV burning, etc ... and how God has brought them through to "Fight Another Day"!)

May 14 2010
NEW Addison Road

You probably heard the new Addison Road Air 1 Hit, "Fight Another Day", right?

It's on their upcoming album, Stories, coming out June 22nd!

So you can wait 'till then, or you could get it now! Click on the pic for more details.

Apr 19 2010
Fight Another Day

"Fight Another Day" is the new Addison Road single.

Here, the band's lead singer, Jenny, talks about the song, and how she finds strength to fight another day even when things get rough...


Apr 19 2010
Who's got the NEW Air 1 Hits this week?

Listen this week for brand new music from...


David Crowder Band “Oh Happiness” from the album Church Music






Addison Road “Fight Another Day” from the upcoming album Stories



Did u hear the new songs? Tell me what you think!

Go ahead an post a comment here on the blog...I dare ya! ;)