May 29 2009
What band's makin' fun of Air 1?


It's Above the Golden State! They're sort of making fun of Air 1, but they're fans, so we forgive them. They're hanging out at Starbucks with Scott and Kelli from the Air 1 Morning Show in this video. And you can't miss the one guy lip synching to Avril Lavigne. Hilarious! 


Apr 29 2009
Above the Golden State ... and a skull on a toilet?

I'm not sure what's the deal with the skull on the toilet that appears on this video blog, but the new song "Bent" that the guys in Above the Golden State are working on sounds GREAT! Can't wait to hear all the new stuff they're putting together for album #2! If you haven't heard their latest single "I'll love you so", we're playing it on Air 1!