Jan 11 2011
The City Harmonic Music Video

"What's that song that has The Lord's Prayer in it?"--a question we've been getting in every form: Facebook, Twitter, email, phone call, telegram. Ok, maybe not the last one :)

Answer: "Manifesto" by The City Harmonic, a new add to the Air1 lineup. Check out the video for the song here:


Feb 17 2010
NEW Video: Story behind new Jeremy Camp song

This is pretty cool--it's a personal devotional by Jeremy Camp, with the story behind his new song "Healing Hand of God". Maybe God will use it to speak to you...

Feb 13 2010
VIDEO: Newsboys "Born Again"

This is the brand new Newsboys single "Born Again" with Michael Tait! Check it out!

newsboys "Born Again" *Official Music Video* from newsboys on Vimeo.

Aug 12 2009
VIDEO: The Almost cover U2 acoustic

Great acoustic version of U2's "Where the streets have no name" by Aaron from The Almost. Enjoy!