Feb 23 2011
Video: If Your Missed Anberlin...

...on Leno last night, here's the full episode--Anberlin's performance is during the last little segment.


Feb 16 2011
Josh Wilson on a Mission

Every musician has their own way of promoting a new CD...here's Josh Wilson's way:

Feb 08 2011
New Music w/Coppelia and Nikki

It's New Music time...this time in video format

Click on the Pics to find out more:

Feb 05 2011
Kerrie Roberts Gives Us a Peek

During any good music tour, TONS of things go on in 1 day. Here's just a very small taste of Winter Blast, through the eyes of Kerrie Roberts:


Feb 04 2011
VIDEO: "Shelter" Explained

A couple of months ago, Air1 Coppelia posted a video from Jars of Clay describing their latest CD "The Shelter."

Now, here's lead singer Dan Haseltine unfolding the thought behind our new Air1 addition, "Shelter":