Feb 23 2011
Road Warriors Clip w/Third Day

As always, if DVR isn't something you own, we hope to help! Here's Third Day on the CNN/HLN "Road Warriors" special:



Feb 08 2011
New Music w/Coppelia and Nikki

It's New Music time...this time in video format

Click on the Pics to find out more:

Jan 14 2011
Third Day Music Video

The guys of Third Day are getting ready to hit the road once again for the Make Your Move Tour. To get you pumped-up for it, here's their video for "Lift Up Your Face":


Sep 23 2010
Third Day Video debut tonight!

The new Third Day video for their latest Air 1 Hit, Lift Up Your Face, debuts tonight at 8/7pm Central Time.

You can click on the album cover to Hear it First!

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Oct 12 2009
Who has the BEST chicken wings?

Who do you think has the BEST chicken wings?

Mark Lee of Third Day via Twitter says:

Zaxby's makes a mean chicken wing. from Tweetie

That's funny cuz my hubby came back from a trip to Charlotte, NC RAVING about Zaxby's. :)