Jun 24 2011
The City Harmonic Live TONIGHT!

The City Harmonic is performing in Cincinnati and you can stream the show live TONIGHT! If you've never seen them before and always wanted to, here is your chance! You can watch the show below starting at 7pm EST (6pm CST) 

May 17 2011
Baby News!!!!

Congrats to Aaron from The City Harmonic and his wife Melissa on the birth of their little guy, Jonah Micah Powell!

So precious!

Mar 31 2011
Interview: The City Harmonic w/Sean and Mandy

Check out what you missed this morning with Sean and Mandy!

Story behind "Manifesto"

Marriage advice

Watch the video of "Manifesto" and learn more about the band

Listen to their album Introducing The City Harmonic and the stories behind the song

Mar 28 2011
Interview: The City Harmonic w/Coppelia

Check out what you missed this afternoon with Coppelia and The City Harmonic!

What the band does for fun:

 Band activities:

 Steps to Christianity:

Feb 07 2011
Now YOU sing it!

The song "Manifesto" by The City Harmonic (aka "The A-a-a-MEN song") is SO awesome to sing along to!

The guys in the band are sharing the chord charts and notation for the song, PLUS a tutorial video to help you out -- just click the pic!

Feel free to pass this one along to the worship band at your church!