Aug 12 2009
VIDEO: The Almost cover U2 acoustic

Great acoustic version of U2's "Where the streets have no name" by Aaron from The Almost. Enjoy!

Aug 12 2009
The Almost "baby" news

The Almost guys are talking about their upcoming album "Monster, Monster" like it's a baby. Ohhhhkayyyy....that's kinda weird...

This is from their blog, and I quote:

"The album was a little baby in our collective bellies. We could feel it kicking and knew it was gonna be an awesome one ... We gave birth to it. It was a fat little, long-haired, tattooed baby of rock. We love it. We're caring for it. Alex is breast-feeding it. Ok...enough baby metaphors. It's getting kinda gross."

Guys, we have to agree on the "gross" part. But we also agree on the "we can't wait for the new album to finally come out" part!

So far, the release date moved from "late summer" to "fall 2009". As soon as we get more details, you'll find them here on the Air 1 Music Blog! :) 

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