Jul 01 2010
Electrifying NEW music!

The Advice's new music is Electrifying! Actually, that's the album title, but the music's electrifying, too!

The guys are so excited about it that if you become their fan, an "Advisor", they'll give you an exclusive acoustic version of their Air 1 Hit, "Your Love Sets Me Free"!

Plus, if you buy their new CD for $5, they'll actually give you a call! That's so nice of them. :)

You can find out more by clicking the picture. Enjoy!

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May 18 2010
NEW VIDEO: The Advice "Your Love Sets Me Free"

Check out the video to 1 of our newest Air 1 Hits, "Your Love Sets Me Free" by The Advice!


May 17 2010
Mr. Talkbox hits Air 1 plus more new music!

Check out the new Air 1 Hits we added to the playlist this week:

Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers “Get On Up” [from the album My Time]

If you're a TobyMac fan, you've heard Mr. Talkbox on the albums Portable Sounds and Welcome to Diverse City!

The Advice “Your Love Sets Me Free” [from the album Electrifying]

They posted on their Facebook page that Air 1 is adding their single...

Just got the word that Air 1 is adding our single next week!!!!! This means that you will be able to hear The Advice coast-to-coast in nearly EVERY state! Click the link to find the Air 1 station in your area! http://www.air1.com/Music/stationsPrinterFriendly.aspx

So, which of the songs is rockin' your world? Post a comment here on the blog, or check out Air 1's Mixology.