May 24 2012
Summer Festivals

Who's ready for summer?! Summer is just around the corner, which means...SUMMER FESTIVALS!!! Here are some awesome summer festivals that are happening this year. 

Spirit West Coast: May 25th-27th in Del Mar, CA

Rock The Park: June 16th in Charlotte, NC

Ichthus Festival: June 20th-23rd in Wilmar, KY

Creation NE: June 27th-30th in Mt. Union, PA

KingsFest: June 28th-30th in Doswell, VA

Spiritsong: June 28th-30th in Cincinnati, OH

Cornerstone Festival: July 2nd-7th in Bushnell, IL

Sonshine Festival: July 11th-14th in Willmar, MN

Lifest: July 11th-15th in Oshkosh, WI

Creation NW: July 18th-21st in Enumclaw, WA

Ignite Festival: July 21st-22nd in Chicago, IL

HeavenFest: July 28th in Loveland, CO

Rock The Desert: August 2nd-4th in Midland, TX

JoshuaFest: August 30th- September 2nd in Plymouth, CA

Lifelight: September 2nd-4th in Sioux Falls, SD

Night Of Joy: September 7th-8th in Orlando, FL

*Festivals that are in bold font are festivals that Air1 will be at.

Which summer festival will you be at this year?