May 17 2011
Who wants to be famous?

Stars Go Dim posted on their facebook that they are going to be shooting a music video and want your help....oh and apparently they will make you famous! 

Apr 27 2011
A Guitar lesson with Stars Go Dim

Joey, from the band Stars Go Dim, shows you how to play their song "Like I Mean It" on guitar.

He shares some little tips and what has worked for him.

Pretty interesting, and I don't even play guitar! haha

Here is the actual song "Like I Mean It", so once you learn it you can play along. :)

Apr 22 2011
Your Picture Part of Art...

...CD Cover Artwork that is. Stars Go Dim is putting final touches on their new CD, "Between Here and Now," and they would love to have you part of it.

Grab photos of youself/your pet/family/etc., or that one special moment in your life you want all to see, and send it their way.

Click here or the picture to learn more on where and how to upload your captured memory.

Apr 18 2011
Stars Go Dim for a Penny?

Stars Go Dim is doing a penny auction!

You can bid $0.01 to have Stars Go Dim play an acoustic set at your house!

Apr 06 2011
Free SGD Song Anyone?

Free music is always a sweet thing, especially when it's from our new Air1 family member, Stars Go Dim.

This week, you can pick up their single "Like I Mean It" for NO CHARGE! Click here or the pic to grab the new addition for your iPod/MP3 Player!