Nov 08 2010
Seabird Helping Haiti

Today Seabird (Don't You Know You're Beautiful) shared a heartfelt request for Haiti.

They are heartbroken over the lives that are being lost to a cholera outbreak, and want to do something to help.

You can watch this video to hear more from Seabird frontman, Aaron Morgan.

Click the pics for more ways to help:

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission



Jun 03 2010
VIDEO: Seabird in Haiti

The Seabird guys are visiting Haiti this week and they're taking us along in this video!

Have you heard that people can get sick watching 3D movies?

Forget that! Watch this Seabird video and hold on!

According to the guys in the band, "the 16 passenger prop plane was terrifying".

But you can see for yourself!


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Apr 29 2010
Video: Seabird & Jillian Michaels

Air 1 band Seabird was recently featured on and now one of the band's songs is gonna be on TV!

The Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels, has a new show called "Losing it with Jillian". Check out this video for a clip of the new show...and where Seabird's "Believe Me" comes in!