Mar 12 2011
Sanctus Real--Video Vault

First off, a very happy update on baby Bowen--He's home!!

If you haven't been following the story, lead singer of Sanctus Real, Matt Hammitt, has a little baby boy named Bowen who was born with a heart defect called HLHS. Just recently, Bowen had to go through his 2nd open heart surgery and he's not even a year old yet. Thankfully, all went very well, but the family is still asking for prayer through 100% recovery.

To celebrate, here's some not-so-new music videos Sanctus Real pulled out of the vault to share:



Feb 28 2011
Heart Messages for Bowen

Sanctus Real is one of the bands we play a lot on Air 1. They're the guys that sing "Lead Me" and they have a killer version of U2's "Beautiful Day".


Lead singer Matt's son Bowen is going in for heart surgery this week.

Bowen's oldest sister Emmy just turned 5, and for her birthday project in school she had to write 3 wishes. She only had 1: "I wish Bowen wasn't sick".

They would love it if you would share a message or prayer for Bowen to read when he grows up.

Click on the "3 Wishes" if you want to share your own wish and prayer for their family.

Sep 03 2010
Raw, Unedited Sanctus Real

It is hard to think about what Matt, the lead singer of Sanctus Real is going through right now.



He and his wife, Sarah, are expecting their third child, a boy named Bowen, to be born any day now. They know he has a life-threatening heart condition.

But through the pain and fear, they are full of TRUST in GOD!

Matt shared in his blog, Bowen's Heart:

I wrote a song with my friend Jason Ingram about what it means to trust during times like these. I’m not the type to post worktapes (demos) for others to hear before a song is recorded for an album, but I thought this was an appropriate time and place despite it’s imperfections. This is one of eight songs I have recorded to play for Bowen and Sarah while we’re in the hospital. The working title is Trust. You can get to it through the following link.

Jan 21 2010
VIDEO: Sanctus Real's Matt talks about "Forgiven"

Check out what Matt from Sanctus Real has to say about the song "Forgiven" ... and then u can listen to the song on their myspace page. Or on Air 1, of course! :)