May 02 2013
Sanctus Real's "Pray" Featured In National Day of Prayer Campaign

Today is our country's National Day of Prayer. Sanctus Real's latest single, "Pray," off their album Run, was used to in a campaign to help promote this special day.

"We wrote the song 'Pray' because these are anxious times and the awareness that we’re just one thumb tap away from another shocking headline can be stressful. Sometimes it’s not world news that leaves me anxious, but parts of my own little world that seem to be falling apart," lead singer Matt Hammitt explained. "The pressure of holding it all together is daunting when I get to thinking it’s on my own shoulders."

He continues: "Sometimes I find myself tossing my hands up in the air and asking in an exasperated tone, 'What in the world is going on?' Every public headline and personal challenge is a reminder, as well as a call, not to lift our hands in despair but rather to continue lifting our hands and voices in prayer. We are longing to see a move of God in our nation, amongst its people and leaders, and we are excited to partner with National Day of Prayer in an effort to urge and inspire people to pray. Will you answer the call?"

The band also released a video sharing with listeners why they think prayer is important!


Oct 27 2011
Hard Times for Matt Hammitt

Matt Hammitt from Sanctus Real didn't have a great morning.

Poor guy. Didn't get good coffee OR caffeine. Maybe next time Matt, Maybe next time.

The sun will come out tomorrow.

May 31 2011
Matt Hammitt's New Release

Matt Hammitt from Sanctus Real released his new song called "All of Me". Such a great message. Gave me goose bumps just watching the video below. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


May 06 2011
Changing People Through Music

Apr 18 2011
New Music's Look on Redemption

We're featuring a new song this week from Sanctus Real, "The Redeemer," & Coppelia (w/special DJ guest, Mike) talk about how they've been redeemed by God: