Jun 23 2010
NEW Music out this week!

Air 1 bands Addison Road and Revive both released new albums this week!

For Addison Road, it's been 2 years in the making and they are SUPER excited about "Stories".


The Revive guys are blown away that their new album "Blink" debuted at #7 on iTunes!

Not bad, guys, but Addison Road is #2 on iTunes. Try to catch up! ;)

Jun 05 2010
More FREE Music--Revive Hooking You Up

As it gets closer to the release date of their new CD on June 22nd, Revive is giving you not just 1, but 2 free songs, just because! Enjoy the music and read their latest blog to keep up with the excitment and journey the band is going through.


May 12 2010
NEW Revive song "Hold on Love"

Do you like Revive's Top 10 Air 1 hit, "Blink"? Yeah?

Check out their new song "Hold on Love"...

Learn about the story behind the song...

and watch a really cool behind-the-scenes video with the band!

Click and enjoy!

May 09 2010
FREE Revive download

How about a little Mother's Day gift?

You can get a free download of the Air 1 Hit "Blink" by Revive!

Air 1 Moms ROCK!

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Mar 01 2010
Choose your fave new Air 1 song!

We just added two new songs to the Air 1 playlist this week!



Fee “Everything Falls” from the album Hope Rising





Revive — “Blink” from the album Blink








I hope you love Fee's "Everything Falls"...



...and our Air 1 prize princess Melissa hopes you love Revive's "Blink".


Which one's your favorite? Post a comment & let us know!