Aug 01 2011
New Dad and New Music

Here's what you'll be catching this week on Air1:


~Matt Maher "Turn Around"~

We promise, we had no clue Matt Maher would be welcoming his first little bundle of joy into the world the same time we'd be introducing his new song! Congratulations Matt and his wife Kristin!


~Press Play "Three Little Words"~

While working so hard as Music Missionaries with Gospel for Asia, Press Play was able to write, record and soon-to-release their sophomore CD "World Anthem" (Sept. 27th). This is the first single off it, but you can take a peek into some of the other tracks just by clicking here.

Jul 08 2010
VIDEO Preview: NY2LA by Press Play

This is a video preview of the latest Press Play song NY2LA, but it is SO GOOD!

Crank up the speakers!

Jun 30 2010
FREE Press Play tour this fall!

Press Play is hitting Air 1 cities this fall with their FREE NY2LA Tour!

Las Vegas? They're coming!

Oklahoma City? Yep!

How about Phoenix? Oh, yeah!

Click the pic to find out more!

Jun 22 2010
NY2LA Video Battles!

Think that you and your friends have the dance moves to represent your city? Well, if you enjoy the new song from Press Play "NY2LA," they want to see you bust a move, make a change, and possibly pick-up a sweet VIP package!

Right now the very friendly dance battle is going on between St. Louis and Nashville, and your group could be next! Check out the videos and details on how you can jump in.

Grab as many friends you can, pick-up your dad's video camera (ask for permission first) and have fun dancing!


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Mar 22 2010
Which celebrity wants to record with Press Play?

Did you see the movie "The Blindside" with Sandra Bullock?

Check out what the actor who played Michael Oher, Quinton Aaron, said about Press Play...


Quinton Aaron from the movie "The Blindside" talks about PRESS PLAY!!! from Dream Records on Vimeo.