Sep 25 2013
Save Saeed "Just Say Jesus" Video

You've maybe heard us talking about Air1 listener Saeed Abedini over the past year. If you don't know his story, this powerful video will catch you up on his situation!

Please be praying for him and learn more about a worldwide prayer vigil happening Thursday, September 26th!


Feb 11 2010
Prayer for a friend

You may have heard of an amazing band called The Myriad.

They were touring back in 2008 when their drummer, Randy Miller, went in for surgery to remove a tumor. He did great and toured again in 2009. But the doctors recently told him the tumors are back and there is not much they can do with treatment.

While the doctors say there is little hope, we know with God you never lose hope! Would you pray for Randy? Let us know in the comments section. I know he, his family and The Myriad will appreciate it!

Check out this video with "The Randy Miller Story". And thanks for praying!